Most of us see retirement as a phase of life when work related worries are over and one can lead one’s life as per one’s will. For most of us the regular income is likely to stop post retirement. Govt. employees are paid pensions but now gone are the days.

So it has become necessary to start planning for our retirement well in advance. The best time to start planning for retirement is when you start earning. But at that stage savings remain back seated as so many avenues for spending are available. The best way to start is keeping aside a part of your salary every month. In other words start an SIP.

If you start an SIP of Rs 10000/- pm in an equity fund, when you are 25 yrs and keep increasing this amount by 10 % every year, at age 60 your accumulated corpus will be Rs 40 crores approx assuming a CAGR of 15%.

It’s an amazing figure. Let’s start SIP today for retirement and continue till age 60

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