We use a tried and tested process to evaluate investment options to select and pick the right stocks for you. A process that is based on extensive research and the fundamentals of the companies selected.

Rather than the new-age method of fashion and haste, we focus on the long term potential of the underlying businesses of the companies. Here we identify superior businesses, with predictable and growing cash flows, run by competent managers.

A margin of safety is attempted by choosing the stocks at prices lower than the estimated value. If our Portfolio Manager do not find attractive investment opportunities that fulfil their criteria, they prefer to hold cash in the portfolios itself.

In short, our Portfolio Managers aim to build the wealth of our clients by investing in high quality companies at reasonable prices, believing that long -term wealth generation is possible when the following two conditions are satisfied:

a) Investing only in companies that have a strong competitive advantage over their peers.
b) Investing only when the prices are attractive.

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